Mistral sneakers

Mistral Lugano Coda

Sneakers  – leather-suede – white-olive


Mistral Lugano Breeze

Sneakers – leather-suede – white-navy-bordo


Mistral Lugano Primo

Sneakers – leather-suede – black-grey


Mistral Lugano Forte

Sneakers – leather-suede – white-red-navy


Mistral Lugano Incense

Sneakers  – suede – khaki


Mistral Lugano Shadow

Sneakers – suede – beige


Mistral Lugano Nimbus

Sneakers – suede – dark grey


Mistral Lugano Micro

Sneakers – suede – light grey


One sneaker that simply should not be missing from your shoe wardrobe, the Lugano sneakers from Mistral!

These sneakers are hand-made in Portugal of high-quality European leather with trendy details such as suede tongue and back counter patches.

They are very comfortable because of the ascending outsole. These sneakers are perfect in combination with all kinds of trendy outfits!

Made in four different combinations and in a huge range of sizes!!

These sneakers appeared in all your dreams, and now there are available.

Wear them in combination with your Chino and white blouse or your favourite jeans and T-shirt!
Wherever you go…. You are the man!!

You will also find an extra pair of insocks to make your shoe flexible in fitting and size.
Now you can make your shoe half a size bigger or smaller by using these extra insock.

The world of Mistral Footwear

Mistral has a proud heritage of over 40 years association with ocean water sports hardware and apparel. Such is the evocative nature of the Mistral brand name, strongly associated with quality and lifestyles connected with the beach, the ocean, health, and fitness, it is not surprising that our name is valued and recognized from shore to shore around the globe.

The Mistral story: from windsurfing boards to sneakers

Mistral’s success story starts in 1976, when, due to its passion for water and wind, the originally Swiss brand develops an innovative concept: surfboards with a sail. A new surfing dimension is born and proves to be an international hit. Mistral sets the tone in the development of windsurfing boards.

Mistral turns windsurfing into an international sport and even launches the Mistral World Cup Team. The brand becomes synonymous with windsurfing: Mistral is windsurfing, windsurfing is Mistral!

Mistral was at its height in the ‘eighties. All surf professionals embrace Mistral, the intensely coloured creations with the legendary red dot rule the waves at beaches throughout the world. Mistral is expressive, visible and in demand. Sport, innovation, technology, and most of all fun are inextricably bound to this new lifestyle.

The colourful ‘eighties and the relaxed coastal life are still at the heart of the Mistral brand. The collection consists of everything that makes coastal life so beautiful: from innovative surfboards and SUP boards to clothing, sneakers and lifestyle products. The mix of maximum quality, perfection and the link to Mistral’s origin give all the products the distinct Mistral character.


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